Research faculty and postdoctoral positions

Research faculty and postdoctoral positions are available with the Systems Software Research Group at Virginia Tech on DARPA-funded projects on program analysis and verification. A particular focus of the positions is automated reasoning of unintended, emergent program behaviors (e.g., weird machines) and verifying their non-exploitability. Additional thrusts include verified decompilation and verified recompilation.

PhD graduates in Computer Science or Engineering (or related fields) with a background and publication record in verification, security, or program analysis are sought. Background in theorem proving (e.g., Coq, HOL4, Isabelle, etc), program analysis techniques, low-level system software including assembly code, ISA semantics, and functional programming are highly desirable. The positions have no teaching obligations.

Interested candidates are requested to contact Prof. Binoy Ravindran ( with a CV or for any questions.